Guam Head Start Program

Guam Head Start Program

Phone: 1-671-475-0484
Fax: 1-671-477-1535
Types of Services Offered: Child Support & Advocacy, Information & Referral, Medical & Health Services, Education & Training, Public Assistance Services
Category: Government Local

Guam Head Start Philosophy:
The Guam Department of Education Head Start Program strives to provide, arrange and/or obtain comprehensive services for low-income children and families. The number of families that are no longer eligible for public assistance programs continues to increase, although their level of income remains low. The program assists families to become more involved with the health, safety, social and educational needs of their children and adult family members. The more knowledge and understanding the families have regarding issues and concerns, the better they can advocate for themselves and with us.
Guam Head Start Vision:
All children and families receive quality comprehensive services respectful of diversity, which empowers them to achieve their life goals and become stronger advocates for their families, children, and self.
Guam Head Start Mission:
Prepare:    Children and Families for Success
Promote:    Increased social competency and self-sufficiency
Provide:     Support and services
Head Start Objectives:
Provide children with services to enhance their growth and development
Strengthen families as the primary caregivers/ nurturers of their children
Support families by providing opportunities for them to progress toward their goals of self sufficiency
Link children and families to needed community services by strengthening collaborative partnerships.
Ensure well-managed programs that involve parents in the decision making.  Strengthen shared decision making with all stakeholder





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