Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Phone: 1-302-658-2958
Fax: 1-302-658-5049
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Information & Referral, Education & Training
Category: Non-Profit

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCADV) and its members strive to create an environment in which those victimized by domestic violence become empowered. The organization seeks to eliminate the institutional and personal abuse of victims and works to eliminate those conditions under which domestic violence is allowed to occur.
DCADV's goals are:

  1. Provide a strong, unified, statewide voice for battered women and their children, domestic violence programs, victim workers, and task forces. 
  2. Educate the Coalition members, the media, legislature, and service systems about the dynamics of domestic violence and societal attitudes that promote or perpetuate violence. Increase public awareness about the connection between violence against women and other forms of oppression in our society.
  3. Provide networking, support, and training opportunities to battered women/formerly battered women and to the public. Facilitate skill sharing, leadership development, and technical assistance to member programs.
  4. Challenge the Coalition members and societal institutions to provide responsive services and implement sensitive policies for battered women from diverse groups and their children.
  5. Engage in any activities which will further the goals and mission of the Coalition.

100 W. 10th St., Ste. 903, Wilmington, DE, Delaware, ALASKA AND CONTINENTAL US



Children, Teens, Adults

information & referral, education & training, domestic abuse, assault

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