Consulate General Of Philippines

Consulate General Of Philippines

Phone: 1-671-646-4620, 1-671-646-4630
Fax: 1-671-649-1868
Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Support Services
Category: Government Local

Among the services that the Embassy/Consulates General provides are the following:

  1. Issuance of passports, travel documents and visas;
  2. Conduct of consular outreach programs;
  3. Consularization (authentication/acknowledgment) of documents, such as SPAs, Deeds, school and medical records, Trademarks, oaths and appointments, etc.;
  4. Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths of Filipino nationals;
  5. Processing of applications for dual citizenship; and
  6. Assistance with the following:
  1. Transport of pets to the Philippines;
  2. Applying for NBI clearances;
  3. Renewal of Philippine driver’s license;
  4. Medical Missions to the Philippines
  5. Securing of J-1 waivers

590 North Marine Corps Drive, Suite 601-602, Tamunging, GUAM, GUAM


1-671-646-4620, 1-671-646-4630


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