Catholic Social Service - Alee Children's Shelter

Catholic Social Service - Alee Children's Shelter

Phone: 1-671-648-5888
Fax: 1-671-635-1444
Types of Services Offered: Child Support & Advocacy, Domestic Violence Services, Housing Services, Sexual Assault Services
Category: Non-Profit


The Alee Children’s Shelter is an emergency receiving home for children ages birth to seventeen who are victims of abuse and/or neglect. Child Protective Services (CPS), a division of Department of Public Health and Social Services, places these children in our care. At the Alee Shelter, children are warmly welcomed and treated with respect. The shelter provides surrogate parenting with 24-hour care to children.  

Primary Objectives:

Promote healing in children who are victims of abuse and neglect. • Prevent unnecessary separation of siblings when they must be removed from their home. • Enable CPS to make better foster home matches

Note: Data for this listing was compiled from online sources by UOG social work students enrolled in SW110 Introduction to Community Services on Guam classes (Sections 1 and 2) in the spring semester of 2017.

Services provided:

  •  Therapeutic play and positive adult role models are available.
  •  Staff evaluates the children's development and encourages play activities designed to promote acquisition of age-appropriate physical and cognitive skills.
  •  Alee provides books, games and tools to enhance the child's development potential.
  •  Playground equipment, toys and videos are provided under adult supervision.
  •  Good housekeeping, hygienic healthy care, nutrition, and parenting skills are taught to older children.
  •  Coping skills, help with homework, assertiveness skills and stress management are also offered.
  •  Better communication skills, building self-esteem and enhancing knowledge of self-worth help the youth to improve their interpersonal relationships.
  •  Staff assists children in obtaining referrals, transporting and accompanying them when appropriate.




Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

24 - hours

The Alee Children’s Shelter does not disclose its location to the public. 

When possible, a member of the children's family stays at the shelter to assist with child care

The Alee Children's Shelter provides food, clothing and services including counseling to ensure the children are well cared for."

CSS also provides the Alee Women’s Shelter.  

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