WestCare Pacific Islands - Guahan Project

WestCare Pacific Islands - Guahan Project

Phone: 1-671-472-0218, 1-671- 989-0234/5, 1-671-969-0236 (24-HR INFORMATION LINE)
Fax: 1-671-472-0217, 1-671-969-0236
Email: Samantha.eliptico@westcare.com
Website: www.westcare.com
Types of Services Offered: Education & Training, Support Services, HIV/AIDS Services
Category: Non-Profit

WestCare devotes our best collective and individual efforts toward "uplifting the human spirit" by consistently improving, expanding and strengthening the quality, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of everything we do in building for the future.

The GUAHAN Project, now under WestCare Pacific Islands, is the region’s only non-profit AIDS Service Organization providing confidential testing, counseling, referrals, free condoms, and resources and internet services through their Pacific Resource Training Center.

Services include:

Project Isa-ta: HIV Prevention Education for Girls 12-17
funded by the Office on Women's Health, USDHHS

GUAHAN Project: Free & Confidential HIV/STI testing, outreach, education
funded by the Office of Minority Health, USDHHS

Sagan Mami Drop In Center for persons with mental illness or at-risk for homelessness, funded by Guam Dept. of Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Samantha Eliptico



1-671-472-0218, 1-671- 989-0234/5, 1-671-969-0236 (24-HR INFORMATION LINE)

1-671-472-0217, 1-671-969-0236


West Care, Pacific Islands, Guahan Project, education & training, support services, non-profit, AIDS, HIV

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