Guma’ Mami, Inc.

Guma’ Mami, Inc.

Guma’ Mami, Inc.

Phone: 1-671-477-1505, 1-671-992-HOPE (4673) (Warmline/24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline)
Fax: 1-671-477-4894
Types of Services Offered: Disability Services, Domestic Violence Services, Sexual Assault Services
Category: Non-Profit

“The mission of Guma' Mami, Inc. is to facilitate the full inclusion and integration of adults with intellectual and other disabilities into their communities through individual and family support or services. Guma' Mami currently has two community homes located in Mangilao that houses up five residents in each home. Guma' Mami also has a variety of community-based programs available. Creative Spirits is an art work shop and exhibit that provides individuals with disabilities with the opportunity to express themselves through art. Women In Solidarity with Hope (W.I.SH.) is a monthly women’s support group that meets monthly and is comprised of women with disabilities who have experienced some form of abuse or violence.  Guma' Mami also provides the community with training and participates in outreaches focused on the issue of domestic violence and abuse.” Guma’Mami, Inc.-AmeriCorps: Members promote activities that support the reintegration of individuals with disabilities into their communities. Para Dinana-facilitates leisure recreational activities leading to a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life. Work Enrichment Program-provides individuals with the tools and training necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

Warmline-992-HOPE (4673) is an information dissemination phone line.  Warmline receives calls from individuals who need to hear a friendly voice.

117-A Chalan Guma'Yu'os Room 5, Sinajana, GUAM, GUAM

PO Box FN, Hagatna, GUAM

1-671-477-1505, 1-671-992-HOPE (4673) (Warmline/24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline)


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