University of Guam- Isa Psychological Services Center

University of Guam- Isa Psychological Services Center

Phone: 1-671-735-2883
Types of Services Offered: 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Counseling Services, Campus Resources, Support Services
Category: Government Local

Isa Psychological Services Center provides free mental health services to UOG students, staff, faculty, and members of their families, as well as to adults, children, and families from the local community who are not able to access services elsewhere. 

The Center also serves as the primary training facility for the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Program and as a research center for faculty and student research addressing mental health issues in the Micronesian region.

Note: Data for this listing was compiled from online sources by UOG social work students enrolled in SW110 Introduction to Community Services on Guam classes (Sections 1 and 2) in the spring semester of 2017.

The services offered at Isa include:

·         Individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children
·         Family and couples therapy
·         Group therapy
·         Clinical assessment
·         Crisis intervention
·         Consultation
·         Outreach programs
·         Personal growth retreats

Seeking Services at Isa

Isa Psychological Services Center provides a safe place to talk with a clinical psychologist or therapist trainee about personal issues or concerns. All services are designed to promote personal growth and enrichment, and are provided free of charge. 

Clients come to the Center for help with a broad range of concerns including:

·         Stress and anxiety
·         Depression and suicidal thoughts
·         Alcohol and substance abuse
·         Relationship problems
·         Family problems
·         Conflicts with friends
·         Adapting to college life
·         Loneliness and isolation
·         Trauma or abuse
·         Eating and body image problems
·         Sexuality concerns
·         Grief and loss
·         Low self-esteem

Initial Appointment

If you would like to talk with one of our therapist trainees, please drop by the Center or call to schedule an initial appointment. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your needs and learn about the services available at the Center. 
Crisis Intervention

In the event of a crisis or emergency, please contact the Isa office and request a crisis intervention session.

Through open and honest communication with one of our therapist trainees, you can come to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and explore alternative ways of coping with life’s problems. Psychotherapy is available for individuals, groups, couples, and families.
Consultation and Outreach

Isa staff also offer consultation services, training workshops, conflict resolution, outreach programs, and personal-growth retreats to promote individual and community wellness within the University and the local community.

In all cases, the identities of clients and the information they disclose will be handled in a strictly confidential manner according to the professional standards set out by the American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code. 

Isa Clinical Staff:

Services at Isa are provided by licensed clinical psychologists as well as graduate and undergraduate trainees working under the close supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. 

·         Iain Twaddle, Ph.D.
          Licensed Clinical Psychologist 
·         Paul Fleming, Ph.D.
          Clinical Supervisor
·         Danielle Concepcion, B.A.
          Head Counselor
·         Brooke Panglinan, B.A.
          Staff Counselor
·         Sophia Sablan, B.A.
          Staff Counselor
·         Kento Yasukawa, B.A.
          Staff Counselor


UOG Station, Mangilao, GUAM

University Dr, Mangilao, GUAM


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

09:00 AM

05:00 AM

Appointments may be made by phone, email, or by visiting the Center.


Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

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